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big engines to saving inter galactic super heroes

2005-12-14 - 6:18 p.m.

two totally different topics..neither of which is deep. but i have a feeling that by the end of this my ADD will have kicked in and i will end up with more than two topics...sue me (not really)

TOPIC ONE: Exotic Engine in domestic pick up truck

We're opening a new branch @ 1400K St NW and i had to take some parts down there. My van was full so i opted to use the F250. The F250 has eleven good things about it. 1.) it has a CD player. 2-11.) V10 engine. VROOOOOOOM. Usually V10's are found it slightly more exotic vehicles. The Dodge Viper and the Porsche Carrera GT come to mind. I'm so glad the truck also comes with its own gas card cuz i SURE was puttin my foot it it!!

TOPIC TWO: Georgia Ave Pizza Hut

If anybody is familiar with the GA Ave pizza hut near walter reed...wtf did it close? I have a branch i service right up the street. I was cold and some pizza woulda hit the SPOT. So i walk over and the thing is dark as night, no pizza hut sign and no advertisements. I figured maybe it was a sign to eat healthier..so i walked a little farther to McDonalds. I forget her name, but the girl who took my order, had a very nice and sincere smile.

TOPIC THREE (told ya): Weird Guy

Last night as i was gettin ready for bed i got a yahooIM that i THOUGHT said "everest1955"..they said "hey i liked your page on yahoo360" so im like oh cool..thanks. They asked where i was from...i thought this was weird cuz it says right on the profile LANHAM, MARYLAND...so i said "maryland". then comes the kicker.."om..my name is Rock, i live in landover"..WTF?! i look and the name says everett...oh mannnn..im hopin this is some friend playin a joke on me...so i jes walk away. then doods all "i c u r busy" and "whats yer name?" my name is also clearly on the profile...i said yer weirdin me out im goin to sleep.

TOPIC FOUR: I am a Hero...to my son.

My son just finished his homework and he's playin with his Master Chief action figure. If you don't know who that is..shame on you..he's the near invincible intergalactic hero of HALO and HALO2 fame on the XBOX. Well, my son snapped his lag off at the knee. His leg is attached with this little plastic pin that has a diamteter of an uncooked spaghetti noodle. his knee is made of some pretty floppy plastic but with a pair of needle nose pliers and my tongue stickin out the side of my mouth like Jordan goin for a dunk..i got his knee fixed. my son shouts out "DADDY!! you FIXED it! thanks!" as if i ever doubted me...silly boy

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